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Hi, I’m Ilona

My passion in life is helping people to develop their abilities and realise their goals. I do this by helping them to learn and grow in the way that works best for them.

I specialise in using digital technology to spark and enhance learning, and also deliver in-person coaching, workshops and retreats. The result is a blended experience designed to fit my clients’ lifestyles and provide impactful, on-the-go personal and professional development that helps them to redefine their lives by doing what they want to do, rather than what they think is expected of them.


Ilona is a kind, straight-shooter; it is difficult to come away from a conversation without a new sense of resolve and way forward in whatever you have discussed, she is not afraid to ask the tough questions, because she cares…. I admire her creativity, love for people and charisma, and look forward to witnessing her again soon!
— Jaz, Customer Success Manager

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Individuals, Teams, & Organisations



Learning & Technology Innovation



Ilona is a talented instructional designer with a wealth of experience in blended learning solutions. She is able to understand a client’s learning needs and transform courses into more agile solutions for the modern workforce, and align the needs of the business using the latest digital learning technology. She continuously demonstrates this through her application of video technology to further reinforce her content.
— Dan, Global Toolbox Manager, PwC

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